QSP-82-Cuttin Bitches Up

20 01 2009

  • Like Knives – The Fashion
  • Drugs are good…no wait…drugs are bad
  • Speakin of Drugs – Amy Winehouse
  • Eco Friendly Masturbation Habits
  • Nasty Sex Talk
  • Doggie Style…ehhhh it gets scary
  • The New “Real World”
  • Tranny got some EARS!
  • Random Reality Show Chat
  • Are you sick of the Inauguration already?
  • 50/50 but you claim it all!
  • Washed up Celebs
  • Bus full of HO’s
  • When did Monica last have a hit? and What was it?
  • We run over to TMZ Land for some trash
  • Cher gets Creamed
  • Much more..so turn it on and listen whores
  • HOT – Crystal Waters Remix – Never Enough – Whelan & Di Scala Mix

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QSP-81-Boycott This

12 01 2009

  • AFA Sucks ASS
  • AJ Hates Fergie!
  • Kayne is a HOT MESS!
  • Careful what you post on Twitter
  • Prince Harry news
  • Drag Race
  • SNL is HOT
  • We go off on lots of shit…so just listen and stop reading these show notes!


QSP-080-We Got Back

4 01 2009

AJ Welcomes another new (not again?) Co-Hostess: Matt*hew “The Power Gay”

  • It sure has been a long time since the last QSP
  • Tigger is MIA
  • Matt*hew “The Power Gay” steps in as the new CoHost w/AJ
  • Lowhore
  • Ryan Seacrest and the Playmate…ok
  • Ann Coulter is talkin shit bout Michelle Obama
  • Stupid Rapper gets house jacked
  • Kathy Griffin – FCC dats some bullshit
  • RuPauls Drag Race
  • R at the Super Bowl – one word TIRED!
  • Fabulous Scents
  • Zune Drama
  • What’s Hot on AJ & Matthews iPods?
  • Locked Up in your own house…



19 04 2008

Yeah…AJ’s been a LAZY CUNT and didn’t post this show!


No show notes…cause your bitch asses need to just listen..ain’t no cliff notes version.


QSP-78-At the Mall on a Diet Pill

7 04 2008

Queerspresso is Back!

  • Blinded
  • Nudity Intro
  • New Furniture
  • Tigger encounters a STAR!
  • What is Thunder?
  • Reality TV
  • Sorry Kiko (but your cunt still stinks!)
  • Thoughts on Obama and Clinton
  • State of the Vote
  • Pop Culture and Politics
  • Much..More..this is a long one
  • Human


QSP-77-Southern Hospitality

24 03 2008

QSP is Back with some Southern Hospitality!

  • Funplex-B52’s Intro
  • AJ’s week in the South
  • Folks are Folks but Folks are different in the South
  • Driving Drama-Like a Bat out a Hell
  • The Joy’s of “Sweet Tea”
  • 90 degrees
  • Tiggercast turns 100
  • Floods
  • Flavor of Love
  • Real Housewives of New York
  • Pocket Gays
  • Elections


QSP-076-Oh No She Didn’t

10 03 2008

QSP-with Tigger and his Guest Co-Whore: “Matt*hew-The Power Gay”

  • The Bitch is Gone
  • The New View
  • Matt*hew takes over as the new Whoopi now that Rosie (AJ) is gone
  • What did Matt*hew do for his 21st B-Day
  • The Elections
  • Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama which ticket will it be
  • Snow in Ohio
  • Votes: Ohio & Texas
  • Easter Traditions
  • Fisting (yes just after Easter)
  • Is the Power Gay a Power Bottom?
  • BritBrit
  • What is the boyfriends name and how do you say it?
  • Wonder what AJ is up to?
  • This whole show is a Hot Train Wreck…a fabulous one!
  • Keyword: Spice Girls
  • AOL
  • Much More….Listen Bitches and Find Out!
  • Matt*hew will be back again next week: Tigger & Matt*hew review the Reality Shows